Established in 2016 with headquarter in Chongqing Liangjiang New Zone, CDIndustry,Inc. is an industrial solution platform based on digital Made-in-China database among Chinese quality factories, providing cross-border B2B saas cloud service, industrial consultancy and more online industrial ecology service. Kept consistent with the national strategic development, contributed to clearing up the obstacles in One Belt One Road, CDI help doing the connections between Made in China and One Belt One Road Projects with big database and AI technologies. After four years development, CDI business have covered 18 countries alongside the One Belt One Road Projects, including Vietnam, Thailand and Philippine etc., integrated more than 30,000 China factories, thousands of overseas manufacturers.During the great pandemic period, CDI have been increasing rapidly, successfully won the favor of capital invest, and won the pre-A round of strategic investment from Chongqing Liangjiang Venture Capital at a valuation of tens of millions RMB.

Focus on supplier selection in industrial vertical field

China's China China China supplier selection platform one belt, one road, is designed to provide the best choice for China's industrial equipment and manufacturing enterprises based on big data leader cloud algorithm.

Valuable information platform for Industry

China's China China China supplier selection platform one belt, one road, is designed to provide the best choice for China's industrial equipment and manufacturing enterprises based on big data leader cloud algorithm.

Construction of industrial ecological platform

Based on the big data leader cloud algorithm, China's industrial equipment and manufacturing enterprises are optimized, and the third-party service providers are integrated to provide industrial product technical services, foreign trade comprehensive services, logistics services, supply chain financial services, information services, etc. for customers of both supply and demand sides, Chinese manufacturing enterprises and Chinese suppliers can achieve efficient and accurate supply-demand matching with foreign customers, and then realize made in China Digital full chain cross-border closed-loop service output of industrial products and equipment.

Gathering industrial expertise services

Promote the online sharing and payment of the knowledge of technicians, engineers and experts in the industrial vertical field in the era of product Internet, provide timely, professional and valuable professional talents and consulting services for customers from many countries and regions in the industrial field, realize the sharing and payment of China's industrial manufacturing technology, and promote the export and service of China's industrial manufacturing technology capability Business.

Serving the real economy

We will integrate big data Chinese supplier selection and information distribution, product ecological partners, professional talents, technical knowledge sharing and payment service capabilities, and create industry data and industry solutions in the industrial field, so as to help enterprises and industries develop and promote high-quality economic development.

Values and mission of the company

The company's values ​​& mission

Serve Industrial Fields and Global Users with Technology

Industrial Data Value, No.1 Creative Service Platform

Creativity, Honesty, Teamwork

Company products and services

Company's products & services

From customer acquisition to transaction completion, it supports full-link personalized configuration to meet various business scenarios of different companies and reduce business costs; Comprehensively control business processes, realize centralized storage and unified management of core data, and import enterprises in one click Inherent data helps traditional industrial traders to fully embrace digitization and enjoy data dividends. At the same time, it lays the foundation for the precipitation of CDI. CDI will have more complete data for analysis and matching and produce more application tools from the data.

SAAS Integrate world time and exchange rate conversion tools, and use configurable shortcut tools to allow users to reach business with one key, reduce unnecessary switching and improve work efficiency. At the same time, the current business situation can be displayed intuitively in the form of digital charts, so that the company and employees can know it well.

Supplier Management Establish a supplier management database, realize the management of supplier information and products, and grasp the price of product supply so as to make better inquiries during the inquiry stage.

Customer management Introduce a brand-new customer management concept, mark different types of customers with custom labels for better customer maintenance; connect customers in 1v1 format, follow up in real time, and transfer customers with one click; bind customer emails and transaction records , Trade status, easy to evaluate customer purchasing power and loyalty, real-time check customer follow-up situation, fully develop customers, avoid customer loss.

Product management The three methods of independent product addition, supplier product management and customer enquiry product extraction are used to manage the enterprise product library, which is convenient for enterprises to compare prices based on subsequent operations, reduce repetitive work, and maximize benefits.

Inquiry Management For a single enquiry, we can track around the circle, set up a quotation reminder, and realize timely feedback. Inquiry products are allocated to individuals one by one, and multiple supplier quotations are set up to accurately match customer needs, so that the company can inquire if there is an order, and the inquiry is effective.

Quotation management Using a personalized quotation template, binding the system inquiry number, you can directly send an email quotation to a specific customer contact to complete the current inquiry process.

Order management The orders generated by the enterprise are assigned to individuals for tracking and execution, and then the order items are purchased, contract reviewed, and shipped. Realize the process online, and the stage data can be queried.

Mail management Linked to the mail system, enterprise users can group and manage incoming and outgoing mails, and conduct mass mailing marketing to specific customers. Mass mailings must be reviewed by specific management personnel to ensure the reliability of the mails and avoid disturbing customers.

Business management Enterprise accounts can be customized to set the internal organizational structure and personnel management of the enterprise; according to the current business process of the current enterprise, the online process configuration is carried out, and the functions, data and fields are personalized matching, reducing the cost of employee learning and improving work efficiency.

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