Recruitment position
Product Manager(Industrial Industry)
Big data development architect
Java Development Engineer
Overseas Development
CUstomer Maintenance Specialist
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Salary treatment
We hope you have the following qualities:
  • -Bachelor degree or above, proficiency in English, extra points will be added
  • -Familiar with the foreign trade industry and have an understanding of the industrial industry;
  • -Understand the Internet, understand cross-border e-commerce, and be familiar with current social media;
  • -Have excellent communication, logic, learning and reflection, stress resistance and teamwork skills, and strong sense of responsibility;
  • -Positive and honest personality, courage to do business, strong self-drive, pursuit of perfection, innovative thinking and judgment ability.
  • CDI sincerely looks forward to your joining, and can create brilliant with us!
  • Please resume (the resume can be accompanied by works)
  • E-mail to:
Perfect salary system: performance bonus, commission bonus, year-end bonus, etc.;
Complete welfare system: weekends and weekends, holiday welfare, company team building, outings, training, opportunities to go abroad, etc.;
Complete career planning and multiple promotion channels;
  • If you can't find a reason to stick to it, find a place to start again.
  • You are capable, I have space.
  • The “epidemic” is on the verge of breaking out, so why bother far away!
  • There is such a company that has been deeply involved in the cross-border field for ten years,specializing in industrial big data applications. There are currently more than 30,000 cooperative enterprises and more than 200,000 industrial products have been stored in the warehouse.
  • Come to CDI, stop mediocrity!

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