Terms of Service

CDIChinese industry supply chain Optimized selection Platform (www.cdibd.net, hereinafter referred to as “CDI website”) is independently developed and operated by CDIndustry, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “CDI”). You shall comply with all provisions of this agreement if you register or use CDI website.


1.This agreement that may have significant relationship with your rights and interests has been marked in bold, and you shall pay more attention.
2.Some terms of this agreement may be adjusted from time to time according to business needs. We’ll notice by announcement on website once anything changed. If you continue to use and accept CDI website’s services, CDI deem that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised agreement; If you don’t agree with revised agreement, you have rights to stop using the services of CDI website.


CDI website:It refers to www.cdibd.net and CDI client-side (such as APP/ PC), as well as all applications of official website that are affiliated with CDI.

CDI: Unless otherwise agreed, it refers to CDIndustry, Inc. as the operator of www.cdibd.net and the CDI client-side.

User information:

1.User information refers to name, contact information, etc., that you have submitted to CDI to use service or collected by CDI to provide services when you register account on CDI website. For more details, please check Legal Notices and Privacy Policy.

2.The users of CDI website are natural person, legal persons and other organizations that have full capacity for civil rights and can independently bear legal liabilities. If you do not have this qualification, please do not register or use CDI website. All consequences caused therefrom shall be borne by you and your guardian.

3.The CDI website prohibits the natural person, legal persons and other organizations that have been disqualified from using the website again.

Business data: Different from user information, it refers to the data processed by CDI's technical services, such as uploading, downloading, and distribution.


1.This contract is a legal contract between the user of CDI website and CDIndustry, Inc., a company operating the website of CDI. The user signs this contract with CDI website (including the use of fax, email and other electronic communications) , which means to accept these terms of use and be bound by these terms of use.

2.This contract is governed by national laws. CDI Website in the following refers to the enterprise service platform of CDI website operated by CDIndustry, Inc., which is also one of the contracting parties of this contract.

III.Registration terms

1.If you apply for registration while using the CDI website, you must abide by the following rules:

(1)When applying for registration, you need provide true, accurate, instant and complete information, including but not limited to name, contact address, contact number, and email address;

(2)Maintain and update the registration information timely to keep it true, accurate, instant and complete.

2.If you register on the CDI website on behalf of other natural persons, legal persons and other organizations, you need declare and warrant that you have been authorized and have the right to make the aforementioned legal entities bound by this agreement.

3.During the registration process, you can choose a login name and password. You should take good care of your login name and password, and be responsible for all actions performed through this account.

4.You can modify your login name, contact information, password or cancel your account on the registered CDI website account.

IV.Terms of use

1.When you use the CDI website, you must ensure that you abide by the laws, regulations, and rules of the country, abide by the relevant agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices of CDI website, and must not use the CDI website to engage in any illegal activities.

2.You are independently responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, immediacy, completeness and legality of all information (including but not limited to personal information and commercial information in text, pictures, and videos) published through the CDI website.

3.Any notifications sent by e-mail on the CDI website will be sent to your e-mail address. CDI website has the right to send all kinds of commercial information related to the services provided by CDI website through the contact information provided by you (including but not limited to email, mobile phone number, etc.). If you refuse to continue receiving the above information, you must notify CDIndustry, Inc. in written method.

4.The following information is prohibited from being published on the CDI website:

(1)Derogatory language about religion, race or gender, or information containing obscene, pornographic, insulting, defamatory etc.

(2)Information that infringes any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, privacy, reputation or other rights;

(3)Any other information that violates national laws, regulations, rules and regulations.

5.CDI website will do its best to check the information submitted by users, and review, publish or delete them in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and website operating rules, but it cannot fully guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy of the information posted by users .

6.CDI website contains links of other websites. It does not control those websites and the resources they provide, so it does not make any promises for the authenticity, accuracy, immediacy and completeness of the content, advertisements, services, and product information on the linked websites, and does not take any legal liability for them.

7.For the publicly available information of company, product or others (including but not limited to text, pictures and videos) that you published on the CDI website, it is agreed that CDIndustry, Inc. have free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive and complete license and sublicense rights over the world to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works based on it, transmit, perform and display the foregoing Content (whole or part), and/or incorporate the foregoing content into any other form of work, media, or technology, no matter currently known or later developed. At the same time, it is agreed that CDIndustry, Inc. can be exempt from any legal liability arising from the information without changing the substance of the information you provide.

8.It is agreed that CDIndustry, Inc. will promote the company, products or other information you provide (hereinafter referred to as “information”) on all websites it operates and works with (including but not limited to existing or future sites it may create) , and agree that CDIndustry, Inc. will be exempt from any legal liability arising from the information without changing the substance of the information you provide.

9.In order to provide users with a better service and experience, it is agreed that when supplier users haven't log in on the website for more than 2 years, your phone will be connected to the phone of CDI website, and the extension is set for you to bind your phone number to ensure that users can get the help and service from CDI website staff incase they fail contact you. If you log in to CDI website later, you will have the right to modify and set your phone number by yourself. At that time, please make sure to provide the number that can be reached so that users can contact you directly.

V.Information collection

When you register as a user on the CDI website, the website needs to collect your name, email address and other information. When you browse the CDI website, the server will collect information such as your IP address and pages you browse automatically. At the same time, CDI website collects information of supplier, product and purchaser's demand, and builds its database system. Unless the user permits or required by law, CDI website will not disclose the above-mentioned information directly related to any user. For specific information collection and usage rules, please refer to Legal Notices and Privacy Policy.


It is free to registered as free users and using the corresponding services; while for other charged services, please refer to the corresponding instructions published on the CDI website for specific charge standards. CDI website reserves the right to adjust the charge. Once the charge is adjusted, it will be announced on the website immediately. If you are already been charged and have paid, it will be implemented in accordance with the charge standard before modification, and will take the new standard after the expiration.


CDIndustry, Inc. is not responsible for the software and hardware, taxes, communication, network service fees and other fees that you need to pay for using the services of the CDI website.

VII.Dispute, controversy and complaint handling

1.It is agreed that in the process of using the CDI website, if you find any facts that may infringe rights of you and the CDI website, you shall promptly notify the CDI website and provide corresponding supporting materials. If the complaint is false and causes losses to the CDI website or a third party, you shall bear legal responsibility.

2.The CDI website has the right to accept and handle disputes, controversies and complaints between you and other users or third parties due to the use of the website or product rights defects, and the right to inquire you about the situation by email and other contact methods , and notify the other party of the situation by e-mail. You are obliged to provide the corresponding information within the specified time after receiving the notice from the CDI website, and cooperate with the understanding and handling of disputes, controversies and complaints. Otherwise, the CDI website has the right to unilaterally and independently judge other users or Whether the third party has established your complaint and/or reimbursement request, and made a handling result that might unfavorable to you. If CDI website judges that other users or a third party’s compensation claim is established, you should make payment in time. At the same time, CDI website has the right to immediately suspend or terminate your related website service or refuse you to use it in any form of the website. CDI does not assume any responsibility for the service reduction caused to you.

3.Since CDI website is not a national authority such as judicial organs, you fully understand and acknowledge: CDI website's ability to identify evidence and deal with disputes is limited, and accepting, handling disputes, controversies and complaints is entirely based on your authorization , does not guarantee that the processing results meet your expectations, and does not assume any responsibility for the processing results. CDI website has the right to decide whether to participate in dispute settlement.

4.If an effective legal document or CDI website confirms or judges that you have or suspected violated the law or this agreement, the CDI website has the right to announce your illegal behavior and deal with it accordingly, including but not limited to suspending, terminating your service, prohibiting you from using the website, etc.

VIII.Suspension and termination

1.For your following actions, CDI website has the right to suspend or terminate its related services or refuse you use the website in any form, and will not bear any responsibility to you, and CDI website reserves the right to hold you legally responsible rights:

(1)The information you provide is untrue, incomplete, untimely and inaccurate;

(2)Use the CDI website to spam repetitive information, publish information that is prohibited or restricted by national laws and regulations, release information that does not belong to the user's business scope, or information that has nothing to do with the CDI website service;

(3)Unauthorized sending a large amount of information that not related to the business to users of CDI website;

(4)Use the names of other companies to publish commercial information and conduct commercial activities;

(5)Plan to destroy or attack the integrity of the computer system and network of CDI website, or attempt to enter the computer system and network of CDI website without authorization;

(6)Use or provide any computer, mobile terminal virus, disguised sabotage program, computer worm, timed program bomb or other destructive program that destroys, interferes with, intercepts or invades any system, data or personal information;

(7)Misappropriating another's account on CDI website;

(8)Account sales or authorized use without the consent of CDI website;

(9)Fraudulent activities involving CDI website;

(10)Intellectual property infringements involving CDI website;

(11)Any form of sublicensing, selling or transferring the products of CDI website to other third parties.

(12)Any form of reverse engineering of CDI website products for the design and development of competitive products, or copying and imitating the design of CDI website in competing products.

(13)Other acts that violate national laws and regulations, rules and regulations, and related agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices of CDI website.

2.You agree that CDIndustry, Inc. has the right to suspend or terminate your related services or the use of your account on CDI website based on reasonable suspicion and notified by email. CDIndustry, Inc. assumes no responsibility for this.

3.Once your user service is terminated, you will not be able to publish information on CDI website, nor allow others to publish information on your behalf; your registration information on CDI website and all related information will be deleted or discarded; At the same time, CDIndustry, Inc. reserves the right to pursue your legal responsibility for your behavior before the termination of user services.

IX.Liability Statement

1.CDI website does not guarantee that the website is uninterrupted and fault-free, nor does it guarantee the effect of use. CDI website is not responsible for the connection between you and CDI website server is blocked due to human or non-human factors. You agree to independently bear the losses caused by accidental interruption of the website, delays in operation or transmission, computer viruses, network connection failures, unauthorized access, etc.

2.Due to force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes or riots, riots, acts of war, government actions, and due to the peculiarities of the Internet, including hacker attacks, Internet connectivity interruptions or system failures, and technical adjustments of the telecommunications sector CDI website will not be held responsible for the delay or failure of the performance of CDI website due to non-CDI website’s performance due to influence, temporary shutdown caused by government control and any factors that affect the normal operation of the network. However, CDI website shall notify you in time and take measures after the occurrence of force majeure, and try its best to reduce the loss that may cause you.

3.For any claims, requirements, lawsuits, losses and damages arising from or caused by the user's violation of the relevant agreements and rules of CDI website or the user's violation of any laws or the rights of third parties during the use of CDI website, The user agrees to compensate CDIndustry,inc. and its employees, CDI website and its rights holders and protect them from damage.

4.CDI website cannot guarantee the authenticity, timeliness, security and correctness of the information published by the user, and you shall independently bear the risks arising from the use of CDI website. CDI website hopes that you will be cautious and use common sense when using the website.

X.Intellectual Property

(1)The intellectual property rights of all products, services, technologies and all programs (hereinafter referred to as “technical services”) on CDI website belong to CDI or its right holders.

(2)The logo and other texts, graphics and combinations of CDI website, as well as other logos, emblems, and the name of CDI service on CDI website are the registration of CDI and its affiliates in China and other countries. trademark. Without the written authorization of CDI, no one may display, use, or do other processing (including but not limited to copying, disseminating, displaying, mirroring, uploading, downloading) in any way, nor indicating to others that you have the right to display and use or do other processing, other trademarks appearing on CDI website belong to their respective right holders.

(3)The selection, sorting, arrangement, typesetting and compilation of all content on CDI website, as well as the copyright of the text, pictures and other works created by CDI website, whether or not expressly stated, belong to CDIndustry, Inc. Company owned. Without the written authorization or permission of CDIndustry, Inc. any natural person, legal person and other organization shall not modify, publish, disseminate, participate in the dissemination, sell, produce derivative works, or use the whole or part of CDI in any other way. For the content on the cloud website, including but not limited to company information and product information, CDIndustry, Inc. reserves the right to pursue its legal liabilities.

(4)Unless CDI declares otherwise, CDI owns the information (including but not limited to text, graphics, pictures, photos, audio, video, icons, colors, layout design, electronic documents) on the website. ) All rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, trade secrets and all other related rights). Without the permission of CDI, no one may use the above content (including but not limited to monitoring, copying, rebroadcasting, displaying, mirroring, uploading and downloading any content on CDI website through programs or equipment) without authorization. If you are authorized to browse, copy, print and disseminate the information content in CDI website, such content must not be used for commercial purposes and all information content and the use of any part of it must include this right statement.

(5)All readable materials on CDI website are protected by relevant laws. CDI website respects and protects the intellectual property rights of others. It is not allowed to publish or disseminate any information or pictures that may infringe his patent without the express permission of copyright, trademark or other exclusive rights holders. Otherwise, the perpetrator Take full responsibility for this.

(6)Users have the right to dispose of data created by users on CDI website platform, including copying, exporting and deleting from the platform.


1.The conclusion, modification, execution and interpretation of this agreement, as well as the settlement of disputes related to this agreement, shall be governed by relevant national laws and shall be under the jurisdiction of CDIndustry, Inc.

2.If there is a dispute over the interpretation or implementation of this agreement, both parties shall first strive to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiation. If one party fails to resolve the dispute through negotiation within 60 days after serving a written notice requesting the start of the negotiation, either party can submit the dispute to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with its then effective rules. The arbitration award is final and binding on all parties and cannot be appealed. The arbitration costs shall be borne by the losing party, unless the arbitration award provides otherwise. When any dispute occurs and during arbitration of any dispute, except for the matters in dispute, the parties shall continue to exercise their other rights under this agreement and perform their other obligations under this agreement.

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